How To Write a Killer Cover Letter

writing a cover letter

Many misconceptions exist about needing a cover letter when applying for a job. In this article, I will teach you how to write a killer cover letter and eliminate all the myths and misconceptions. You will learn how to write a cover letter to help you stand out from the crowd, take attention away from … Read more

How to Create a Resume Cover Letter

There are so many theories on how to create a resume cover letter and what to write in a resume cover letter which is a key weapon in your job search tool kit for sure, but there are many misconceptions.  There are many articles, books, and templates on the internet on the subject, but many … Read more

Tips for Writing a Great Cover Letter

There are many misconceptions about writing a great cover letter. I want to set the record straight on exactly how cover letters for those over 50 need to be written, keywords and phrases that need to be included, ad provide tips for writing a great cover letter. I know there are hundreds if not thousands … Read more